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Community Health and Wellness Center -FAQ’S

Can a urologist help with infertility?

Yes, urologists are specialized to treat patients with infertility. Many couples struggling with infertility will seek the advice of a urologist. Not only will a urologist examine both the man and woman, but they will be able to provide suggestions and treatment plans to help battle infertility. If you are struggling with infertility, an excellent first step for help is making an appointment at the CHWC Urology Clinic by calling 419-633-7482.

Can’t I just treat my UTI at home?

While many urinary tract infections (UTI) remain mild, it is always a good idea to see a urologist if you have symptoms of a UTI. Not only can prescription medication help treat and heal a UTI faster, but the proper treatment can prevent a UTI from worsening.

Do all procedures by a urologist require a stay at the hospital?

While some procedures require an inpatient overnight stay, a vast majority of procedures are outpatient, meaning patients return home the same day. Common outpatient procedures done by CHWC urologists include a cystoscopy and many prostate procedures.

I’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Will a urologist work with my oncologist?

At CHWC, we are proud to provide exceptional, individualized, patient-focused cancer care from our multidisciplinary medical team, who have specialties in numerous areas of medicine. If you have cancer, our urology team is happy to collaborate with your oncologist and team of doctors to help create a customized plan for treatment.

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